Sincerely, 2016 was hard year. Bad things hit me and all of you, I think. Bomb attacks, thousands of dead people, economical crisis all around the world etc. I guess you are wondering why I started my blog post with dark moments. Because through these hard times, we need to learn to value the good moments and cherish each other. If you haven’t read my wish for New Year’s Eve I wish you to stop being so damn negative, selfish and jelly! Let this year be the year of real things, love and support!


Now, let’s count ten moments that made my 2016:
1.GOT MY DOG IN JANUARY – For all those who don’t know, I love animals, especially dogs. I already had one, american bulldog, but it lives with my parents, so I decided to take one for me as a Christmas gift! I named her Abel, as my very favorite singer, The Weeknd! BLINK, BLINK!

2. WATCH RIHANNA AND SKRILLEX LIVE – I don’t love Rihanna so much as a singer, but to be honest she’s real fashion icon of our time and I love her style and her rudeness, haha. I bought tickets just because The Weeknd was signed as guest, but he didn’t show up, and finally a month ago he revealed his Europe tour, AND I’M SO HAPPY TO SAY THAT I CAN’T WAIT, already have my tickets for the Antwerp show. Let’s get back on the line, another wish came true! I had one of the BEST nights at Skrillex’s show at Exit – Sea Dance Festivals. REAL CROWD PARTY! So I crossed one thing on my wish list: WATCH SKRILLEX LIVE! Yeeeeee!

3. STARTED MY OWN BLOG – I’m blogger almost three years, but I have never had my own blog, so I decided to open and share my stories with you guys! I had hard times and bad things happening in first six month of this 2016, so this was my cure, and prove to everyone who didn’t support me as blogger and as human being, that I have creative mind and no one can stop this! I have to say thanks to my team and friends, I couldn’t do this without you, and I love you so damn much!


4.DID MY FIRST TATTOO – Whole my life I was saying that I’m into tattoos, but I waited for the right moment, and theright inspiration. I did my first tattoo, and I’m not stoping here, for sure! My inspiration was WATER, which I find it as cure for my stress and headache, so it’s a rare for me to drink pills to stop the pain. All I know is that water calms me! My tattoo is geometrical figure for water, icosahedron!

5.STARTED WORKING FOR TELEKOM SNAPCHAT – It was one of first, more like a real job for me. Big experience, and lesson for how to work for big companies, that’s all I can say! Thank you TELEKOM, for choosing me as part of this campaign!

6.BECAME BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR FEW BRANDS – It all started with BodyBlendz Scrub,than I bacame part of Skinny Coffee Club, B.U. and C-THRU parfumes. For the first time I was cover face for accessories brand called Miss Spice, and also I began to work for application for clothes, WHATSMODE!

7.CHANGED MY HAIRSTYLE – Another thing from my wish list! I have always wanted to have fringes, but I wasn’t brave enough and I needed this change, so I’m not sorry for doing it, but I think I’ll never repeat this, especially not in summer season! Who had fringes will understand the strugle, haha!

8. STARTED 6 MONTH CHALLENGE WITH FIT FAMILY – I’m active person, I’ve always been. But I needed to try something different, and I found Fit Family. I came up with idea for 6 Month Challenge, and their professional team of trainers accepted this, and we started in December. Even from the very first time I felt so damn beautiful and hyped about getting my shape back! But enough talking about this, I’m preprairing whole blog post, so stay tuned!


9.BECAME PART OF BUZZ SNEAKER CREW – Great way to end 2016? HELL YEAH! I love sneakers, especially Nikes and J’s, so they found the right person to get in! Can’t wait to hang out with my Buzz Crew and share great stories! Here’s my first event with Buzz, take a look:

10. MET COOL PEOPLE – Maybe this is the most wonderful experience of all, not only for this year, but since day one. This was the year of truth, year of real friends, the year of meeting fun and creative people! Shout out to my people! And I have to say thank you to my crew agan, I’ll never have been here without you! WE NEED TO GROW TOGETHER, WE NEED DO ELIMINATE NEGATIVITY AND SHARE LOVE AND PEACE!


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